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Friday, 13 July 2012

Fiber optics cable

v  Fiber optics cable is also known as light pulse media. It uses binary method of data transfer.
v  A fiber optics cable is made of a thin glass fiber. It is thinner than a human hair.
v  The data transfer rate of fiber optics cable is very fast. There is no chance of data loss.
v  Fiber optics cable cannot terminate directly in system. We use media convert to terminate this.
v  It can travel data at logic disturbance. Some important uses of fiber optics are internet services, long distance telecommunication and local area network.
v  Advantage:
v  The advantage of fiber optics is that data only has to be converted into light because it already in binary form.
v  Disadvantage:
v  The main disadvantage of fiber optics is that it is very expensive and difficult to install and modify.



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