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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Rating and Uses of Zener Diode

i)             Voltage Rating :
    Rating of zener diode is explained with respect to its zener voltage .(Vz).
Commonly , the zener diodes having zener rating of 1.8 volt to 2.00 volts are available in the market whose tolerance is 5 percent to 10 percent and sometimes upto 20 percent . anyhow , zener voltage depends upon doping level and temperature .
ii)            Power Rating :
Power rating of zener diode is a product of zener voltage and zener current .
Mathematically :
Pz = Vz   x  Iz
The power rating of common zener diode can be 150 m watt to 50 watt .
Uses of Zener Diode:
Zener Diode are used at a vast level in transistor circuitry , out of which few uses given below.
  1. As a voltage regulator.
  2. For protection from high voltage in meters.
  3. To reshape a wave .
  4. As peak clippers or voltage limiters .
  5. For biasing and comparing in a network and to calibrate volt metes as a fixed reference.


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